free iptv android app

free iptv android app

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free iptv android app for mobile phones that you can download from the google play store from this link here .

what’s IPTV android app?

it’s an easy to use mobile application to play IPTV’s M3U playlists that doesn’t requires any codes or knowledge in the IPTV domaine.

you can read our tutorial on How to create a M3U playlist .

it offers multiples functionalities to users, such as :

How to download the app IPTV from play store ?

Go to playstore, then just type IPTV in the search area then select the app with the blue box with white text that says IPTV and click the green button install.

or just click this link here to start downloading the apk file.

iptv for android phone

once you download this mobile application ,open the installed app, it will show you a list of M3U playlists already installed or an empty list on the first time.

the free iptv android app home screen’s page is devised by two tab menus :

  • ALL CHANNELS section :

it shows the current M3U playlist as a vertical list showing all the installed channels that you can order later.

you can order the list of channels by name,channel number or by URL.

it’s possible do display channels as girds,as a list or as tiles.


free iptv android app screen home landing page

  • FAVORITES section :

click the left tab called FAVORITES so the IPTV android app will let you access the pre-selected IPTV M3U PLAYLISTS.

then,the app will display the content of the list of channels faster and to enjoy watching them.

free iptv android app favorit channels m3u playlist

How to add a new M3U playlist ?


once the app is opened, click the three horizontal lines on tof left.

Add More Traffic

then the current M3U opened will be displayed with other recent playlists too.

just click « More … » to diplay all.

Once there, click the + sign on the top right to display the adding new URL’s form.

please enter the URL of the desired M3U playlist.


fill the playlist name to make the make the playlist memorable or just let it empty so it have the name from the M3U structure code.

How to set Parental control mode on the free IPTV android app ?

the free IPTV app lets the user restrict access using a private PIN so intruders won’t have access to the content of the M3U playlists.

just click on the top left corner of the app , on the three horizontal lines to show a scree like the one above.

check the first option to activate the parental control, uncheck it if you won’t.

parental controle gree android app iptv download

once checked,the app will recommand to you to enter a 4 digits code twice to confirm it for furthee uses.

set pin child lock free iptv android app favorit channels m3u playlist

How to display all M3U playlists ?

to show all the M3U files stored on data storage, click on the main menu on top left of the screen.

once opened, the app will show the latest

M3U playlist opened.

then,click on the one you wanna open or click More … to show the other playlists.

free iptv android app screen home landing page menu

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