new edit modify How to create iptv m3u playlist

create IPTV m3u playlist : the full tutorial

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create iptv m3u playlist using only your mobile phone is a simple thing to do.

you can make your iptv sat links using M3U editors that we will show you how to create them today.

don’t forget to read our tutorial on How to edit online playlists.

then, you will need to read our article about IPTV player for android phones.

How to create iptv m3u playlist ?

after this tutorial, you will be able to create and handle m3u playlists localy and online files.

What’s a m3u playlist ?

is a short word for MPEG version 3.0 URL, a file format that can store multiple  URL adresses of audio and videos files.

normally, the m3u files normaly called playlists, can store mp3,mp4 and live streaming contents at the same time.

1.using a mobile phone :

edit modify How to create iptv m3u playlist

QuickEdit is an android free app that helps you edit,modify beside to create iptv m3u playlist.

first thing to do,Go to the android playstore search Quick Edit then download the app.

you can access directly the apkapp file, click this link to download it safely from the play store.

edit modify How to create iptv m3u playlist
After installing the app you can start creating your own app now easily.  to open a new file click on the folder icon on top bar menu.





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edit modify How to create iptv m3u playlist
once done, you can start typing the structure of your m3u playlist, by typing for each iptv channel the name and the direct URL aderesse to the streaming feed.






new edit modify How to create iptv m3u playlist

Click +New to open a new file to start create one new playlist.

iptv m3u playlists have specific structures like example above :

2.using a Computer or a Laptop :

firstly, just open notepad editor, make the playlist as M3U structure and save the file as name.M3U.

at the end, note that the file name must end with m3u as an extension.

How to play an online iptv m3u playlist ?

there are many android apps to watch iptv playlists :

after all, you can use IPTV android app taht you can download from this here and read this tutorial we made for it.

play list add url m3u playlist android app iptv download

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